Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stamping on Sundays - March 25th

This week it was a black and White challenge.  I think there is nothing more elegant than a clean black and white design. But there is a negative to black and white, if the lines are not clean and crisp it looks messy.  And of course the black stamping polish makes quite a mess when doing the actual work.

So this week I used another design from my Cheeky Plates that I received for my birthday, this design is from Cheeky Plate D.

On eight of my fingers I used Sally Hansen Black Out as the base and the other two nails I used my new LA Colors white.  Then using Konad white and black special polishes I stamped a design on the corner of all my nails.  This design reminded me of coral, it would look beautiful in a bright color over a blue background - like under the sea.

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