Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Attempt at making a magnet for my Magnetix Polish

I learned over on the Adventures in Stamping group on facebook that sometimes refrigerator magnets will work for the polish.  But I don't have a whole lot of magnets on my fridge.  So I tried the ones I had and no luck!  But I remembered that my desk at work is covered in magnets, so why not try them!  So this morning I sat in my office and tried each magnet on the side of a bottle of polish, and would you know it - I had some!  They worked a bit better than the ones that came with the polish.  That got the engineer in me thinking....why can't I make my own designs with the magnets.  I can easily find the magnetic lines in the magnets by covering it with nail polish and the magnets are soft enough to cut and bend.

So here is what I did and the results.

The magnet painted with a light color of polish to find the strong lines within the magnet.

Magnets cut between the lines.

I cut the magnet further apart and glued the pieces on a slightly curved piece of light weight cardboard.

I also tried to make a lined design, this seems to be stronger than the one that came with the China Glaze Polish.

How the cross effects the magnetic polish, I like how I made it off center of the nail....the spot where the lines meet would be a perfect place for a rhinestone.

How the thumb turned out with my own stripes, being bendable I was able to curve it to the natural shape of my nail.

My pinkie nail with the cross design.

All nails using the Cross....please excuse the lack of clean up, I was just playing.  :)

Now I have my mind going crazy thinking of how I can make more magnet designs!  If I could find some magnet tape that is strong all the way across, the possibilities are endless in my opinion.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Great idea, good to just have a play around with polish. x