Sunday, March 25, 2012

My New Storage Unit

I have been living with a small makeup case and a rubbermaid tote holding all my polishes.  So yesterday I went to Target and picked up a sterilite container to hold all my materials.  I don't have enough polishes for needing anything sturdier - that may be just a few months away though. 

Here is a picture of the new storage unit.  (please disregard my dogs devil eyes in the background)

Here is what is in drawers #1 - #3
Drawer #1
 Drawer #2
 Drawer #3
Drawer #4 holds all my supplies I need to do the nails, including the little kit that is sitting on the top of the storage unit.  (Cotton balls, acetone, paper towels, brushes, stamper, scraper, brushes and cosmetic wedges).

I think I am approaching 100 polishes!  Please don't tell my hubby!

Thanks for Reading.

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