Monday, May 14, 2012

Zoya Jem

This is another Zoya I picked up with my $20 gift certificate from

Jem is a deep burgundy shimmer polish with a hint of fine gold glitter.  I have a mini bottle of polish from Flirt cosmetics from Kohl's - and I wanted to find another one similar  - I didn't know Jem would be the match.

 The application of this polish was just as nice as Myrta.  Opaque in one coat and a semi-gloss finish. 

To finish this manicure off I wanted to do an off set stamp - I love a stamp set off to the side at an angle.
This was stamped using a Bundle Monster Set 2 with Konad Special White..

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!

- Sharon

Pampered Chef / Bloom Giveaway - First OPI and Zoya

For mother's day Pampered Chef partnered up with to acknowledge mothers.

So I wrote a passage about my mom - a shorter version of my previous post - just to see if it was true.  And it surprisingly worked!  I received a $20 coupon code for  And was entered in a contest to win a whole bunch of pampered chef products for my mom and I.  Well I didn't win the contest, but I did snag my first OPI and Zoya polishes!!

I don't know why I waited so long to buy these brands....I am a cheapskate - I admit it.  But WOW!  The first one here is Zoya Myrta - an orange shimmer from the Summer 2012 collection.  It is beautiful!  The formula is so smooth and coverage is great.  The photo below is two coats without top coat.

This next polish has been a wish list item for awhile - since the first time I saw Chanel Peridot.  I am a HUGE fan of green and a huge fan of duo-chromes.  When I first saw the OPI Spider-man collection and spotted this polish I knew I had to have it - regardless of the price!  So when the $20 credit came through, this was the first polish in my basket.

The photos below do not do it justice!  I wish I could have taken more pictures to capture the color better - but OMG wow!!

The formula was smooth and clean.  The coverage unbelievable -  I need to own more OPI!!

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!!

- Sharon

My mom - Mothers Day Giveaway

What makes my mom special?  She is my rock, my friend and my supporter.  My mom lives 1500 miles away, but I know any time of the day or night I can pick up the phone and talk to her - make it feel like she is right here with me.  Unfortunately she has been going through some rough medical issues lately and I was lucky enough to be home when she needed me most.  My dad was in a rehab facility for his knee and my mom was struggling - unbeknownst to her - she had major gall stones.  I came home with my girls for spring break to spend time with them, and they needed me.  I was able to shuttle my mom to her doctor and then to stay with her at the hospital when she had her emergency surgery for the gall bladder removal.  It was almost like a reversal of role from back in 1993 - I was involved in a major car accident where I hit another car head on at about 55 mph.  I ended up in the hospital for 7 days and home from school for nearly 2 months.  My mom pushed me in a wheel chair from doctor to doctor - and here I was pushing her from doctor to doctor.  God knew where I needed to be this spring break - I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

Thanks for reading - Keep Painting

Adventures in Stamping - Sunday Challenge - May 6th

I'm a bit behind in blogging so tonight i am trying to catch up. 

Last Sunday in our Facebook group Adventures in Stamping the challenge was Un-natural Animals.

Being a child of the 80s - who doesn't love Lisa Frank?  Bright neon colors, happy animals and Stickers galore! She was my inspiration for this weeks challenge.
Lisa Frank Website

A few weeks back, doing some polish shopping I came across the 6 pack of LA Colors Neon Polish.  As soon as I saw this collection I thought of doing a Neon Water Marble.  This was the perfect challenge to attempt this!  Unfortunately my water marble attempt with the colors was an epic failure.  I was rushing, ceiling fan on and waiting too long to marble. So I scrapped that idea - and went for a rainbow gradient across my nails using the LA Colors.  I used pink - orange - yellow and then green -blue - purple.

To make the animal pattern I used Konad Special Black and Cheeky XL plate D to make a lizard skin.
I was so happy with how this turned out, it brought me right back to the 80s and collecting Lisa Frank items.

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!!


Mary Kay Polish - Lavish Sable

One of the benefits of being known as a polish enthusiast is friends giving me polish they won't use and I never turn down a free bottle.  That being said my old office mate at work dropped off my first bottle of Mary Kay Polish called Lavish Sable.  It is a cream cocoa brown color.  Unfortunately the formula of the polish leaves quite a bit to be desired.  It was thin, and required 3 coats to provide the finish you see below.
 I loved the color once the 3 coats were complete.  The finish of the polish was more of a semi-gloss - this photo shows the polish with a coat of Seche Vite - my favorite top coat.

It's been months since I wore just a plain color on my nails, so I felt this needed a bit of a pick me up.  And I had just the right flair to spice it up a bit.

KleanColor Tahiti Sunset - It is a brown/gold glitter that has small and medium orange glitters as well as holographic bar glitter.  You may have to fish for some of the holo bar glitters - but it coated evenly with the brown/gold and orange glitters. 
This photo is just a single coat of the Tahiti Sunset. 

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!


Klean Color Chunky Black Holo over Dark Blue

This is another manicure I did with Klean Color Chunky Black Holo.  The previous entry was done with a deep red color which failed to showcase the true colors of this manicure.

I started with a base of NYC Skin Tight Denim - this is my FAVORITE deep blue color.  The application is flawless.

I then added two coats of Klean Color Chunky Black Holo.

 In direct light you cannot see the beauty of this glitter.

 This is the results without flash under incandescent light.  You can see how it is more like a flakies with a multi-chrome finish.
This is another picture using florescent light.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of this manicure under natural light, but it was 11 pm by the time I finished and the following day was rainy.  And of course my manicures don't go for more than a day or a two and I never caught a sunny day!  This will definitely be a combo that will be on my fingers in the future!

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!!