Monday, October 14, 2013

Lack of posts

Sorry there have not been any posts in the past two weeks.  On October first my oldest was involved in a serious scooter accident.  This was just a simple razor scooter not motorized.  She was coming down a hill and didn't make the turn.  She dropped the scooter and forward momentum took her into the concrete curb.  She landed on the curb just below her ribs.  She walked home on her own and once gone laid on the couch and her lips turned blue.  So we jumped in the car and went to the urgent care.  When we got to urgent care they took her blood pressure and it was 75/55.  They immediately called an ambulance and we were transported to the trauma hospital at VCU. 

Turns out she lacerated her liver with the impact and bleeding internally.  I will provide more details of our adventures at the hospital.  But I'm glad to be home.... I stayed with her all 11 days.

The picture attached is the day the doctors told us we could finally go home!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bobbing for apples - 10/2 fall challenge

Bobbing for apples was the challenge for this manicure.  I love picking and baking with apples... So this was a fun challenge for me.

The base color on this manicure is Kleancolor anericano...a light tan metallic. 

I made the apples on my nails with Korea Caught red handed and a dotting tool.  I loaded up the tool with polish and dragged the top down to create half the apple.

I gave the apples a stem with color club metamorphosis. 

On my thumb I added an apple slice with tiny seeds.

I hope you enjoy!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Early sunsets

I did an orange gradient to capture a fall sunset.  I then used various stamping plates featuring Halloween images to decorate the nail.  The colors used in the gradient are all China glaze polishes.... Kalarahi kiss. Roguish red and orange you hot.  Stamped with Konad black.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First fall nail art challenge..... Back to school September 22ne

Back to school time!!!
I did a chalkboard nail design for back to school.  I used the matte China glaze Stone Cold and a simple white nail art polish.  I wasn't feeling too creative tonight... I'll try to do better.  :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall challenge

Wanted to share a short of the fail challenge I will be doing starting September 22nd

Opi Black Label NYPD Beet

This is a manicure done with my first black label Opi.  Black label are older Opi polishes that were made before they went 3 freer.  This is NYPD Beet stamped with Essie nothing else metals.  This Essie is one of my favorite stamping polishes.... So much I have 2 spares!  It always stamps clearly and crisp.   The plate I used for this Mani was bundle monster 314.
In really looking forward to fall and dark vampy colors!!

Been awhile

I'm going to try to get back into blogging again.  We have been busy at home and at work.  I haven't had much time to paint my nails or blog.   I'm about to start a fall challenge just to get me back into painting on a regular basis.  The challenge begins on September 22nd!