Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Glitter Manicure

I am doing alot of first this week.  My first matte, first cheeky, and now my first glitter (non-halo)

Glitter has always been difficult for me, I guess because I always try to goop it on.  So I decided tonight I was going to take it slow.  And do layers of the polish, so I can get the coats to dry and eventually the top coat to seal it all.

So I went with a dark color base coat, I just wish I would have done a little bit lighter of a color - it may be too dark for this glitter.

The base coat is NYC - In a New York Minute - Downtown
This is a nice color, I have had this color awhile - the bottle is almost half gone but I shook it up to get a full bottle look.  ;)

This is Klean Color Aurora - it is a pink glitter with fine glitter, small hex and stars.
This is a picture with one coat of glitter
Here is the final product with two coats of glitter and one top coat of Seche Vite.

As I said before I just wish the base color was a bit lighter.  But I like it.

Thanks for Reading!

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