Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Birthday Manicure

Today I turned 36!  I have been thinking of what to do for my nails for my birthday.  So,  I asked a few ladies over at Adventures in Stamping on facebook, and they suggested cupcakes.  So I did it.

I started with a base of Klean Color Neon Pink.  This color is opaque in one coat - but I gave it two coats for even top coat.  Then covered it with Seche Vite before I stamped on top.

Then using Shany Plate (Will get number later) and Konad white, I striped the cupcake papers on the base of my finger nails.  I then used Revlon Popular to tone down the Konad white and add a but of a sparkle to the cupcake papers design.

Then using white acrylic paint I painted on the frosting and added a dab of fine pink glitter.  Then using top coat I attached pink rhinestones and covered it all with Seche Vite.  I didn't do a cupcake on my left thumb, I painted my age!  I giant 36, I am proud to be 36 and I don't feel it!  I am so happy with the results I am not removing it just yet.  I am going to enjoy it another day!

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