Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Vacation

For my two girls spring break we headed back home to see my parents in Minnesota.  I got the unfortunate news the day before I went home that my Dad had been in the hospital and would not be coming home right away.  He needed some more attention and physical therapy to strengthen his body to recover from knee surgery in February.  Well this was a surprise to me, but if my mom felt it was necessary - I support her 100%.

He was placed in a transitional care facility where the girls and I saw him the day we arrived, he was looking rough.  Stiff neck, weak knees and terribly swollen.  It was hard to see him in this fashion, he is my strong and vibrant father - not this man I saw.  Placing him in this care was the best decision my mom made, he made amazing progress in the 10 days he was in their care.  By Easter Sunday he was walking on his own, came to the family celebration and color had returned to his normal color.  They were miracle workers!  He was released to return home the following Friday!  Which was great timing since I was scheduled to return home on Monday and my Mom was just recovering from Gall Bladder surgery!

She was so focused on my father and ensuring he was in the right place and taking care of him, she had neglected herself.  She was in constant pain and couldn't eat anything and barely slept at night.  She lost nearly 10 pounds in a week!  She had an ultrasound the end of March and finally called the doctors for the results - just to find out her Gall Bladder was packed full of stones!  Who knows why they took 2 weeks to tell her this news!  When we got the news, we rushed her to the doctors office- hoping to get her some immediate relief.  The doctor was unable to perform the surgery immediately, but I was there with her and asked if there was something he could do for her pain.  It was agonizing to watch her in so much pain, I know if my father was home he would have had her at the drs earlier than now, but she always put everyone else before herself.  Luckily we were able to get her some pain pills and the surgery scheduled for the day after next.

So I took my mom to the day surgery center and my wonderful brother in law (my oldest sisters husband) took my kids for me so I could be there with my mom.

So needless to say it wasn't a vacation in the standard terms, but I was in the place I needed to be for my parents.  If I would not have been there, I don't know how they would have gotten along.  As my sisters and their husbands all work full time and have families of their own.  I could give them my 100% attention and focus.  And luckily I was able to leave them in such a better place than when I got there. 

I am so happy to say they are both on the mend and doing so much better! 

Thanks for reading, this explains my lack of posts and nails while I was gone! 

Keep Painting!

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