Sunday, April 22, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Bikini!

One of the things my sisters and I try to do each time I come into town is a sister sleep over.  This gives all the kids a chance to be with their cousins and my sisters and I get a chance to catch up!

So I brought some of my nail supplies so we can play and experiment with my toys.  Unfortunately I cannot travel with 140 different polishes, so I just brought 14 - the ones I knew they didn't have in their stashes.

I didn't take many pictures unfortunately but I did snap one of my daughers nails - she wanted tiny bikinis on her nails.

The base coat is Silver Sweep and the Bikinis are stamped with Konad Special Red, SH Chrome Red, KleanColor Purple Metallic and KleanColor Green Metallic.  The plate used was Shany SH09.

It was a big hit with her cousins and her aunts!

Thanks for reading!  Keep Painting!

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