Sunday, April 1, 2012

The design and the Nubbin

 I chipped my nails at work and we had softball practice to get to this week, so I did a quick manicure. I didn't take any in between polish pictures due to the time restrictions.

The base coat of this manicure is Klean Color Golden Nightmare - black creme with gold glitter.

I stamped with half Klean Color Metallic Purple and Metallic Green.  A pseudo gradient.

I used Cheeky Plate A for the full nail design and then Shany plate SH24 on the accent finger. (Using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep)

While I was out, I managed to catch my ring finger nail on the edge of a trash can, and it ripped clean off! :(
I was so disappointed, my nails had finally all gotten beyond the end of my fingers and were fairly even.  :(  There is no way to make them all even, so I left the others the same length as the other one grows out. 

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