Monday, May 14, 2012

Mary Kay Polish - Lavish Sable

One of the benefits of being known as a polish enthusiast is friends giving me polish they won't use and I never turn down a free bottle.  That being said my old office mate at work dropped off my first bottle of Mary Kay Polish called Lavish Sable.  It is a cream cocoa brown color.  Unfortunately the formula of the polish leaves quite a bit to be desired.  It was thin, and required 3 coats to provide the finish you see below.
 I loved the color once the 3 coats were complete.  The finish of the polish was more of a semi-gloss - this photo shows the polish with a coat of Seche Vite - my favorite top coat.

It's been months since I wore just a plain color on my nails, so I felt this needed a bit of a pick me up.  And I had just the right flair to spice it up a bit.

KleanColor Tahiti Sunset - It is a brown/gold glitter that has small and medium orange glitters as well as holographic bar glitter.  You may have to fish for some of the holo bar glitters - but it coated evenly with the brown/gold and orange glitters. 
This photo is just a single coat of the Tahiti Sunset. 

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!


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