Monday, May 14, 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Sunday Challenge - May 6th

I'm a bit behind in blogging so tonight i am trying to catch up. 

Last Sunday in our Facebook group Adventures in Stamping the challenge was Un-natural Animals.

Being a child of the 80s - who doesn't love Lisa Frank?  Bright neon colors, happy animals and Stickers galore! She was my inspiration for this weeks challenge.
Lisa Frank Website

A few weeks back, doing some polish shopping I came across the 6 pack of LA Colors Neon Polish.  As soon as I saw this collection I thought of doing a Neon Water Marble.  This was the perfect challenge to attempt this!  Unfortunately my water marble attempt with the colors was an epic failure.  I was rushing, ceiling fan on and waiting too long to marble. So I scrapped that idea - and went for a rainbow gradient across my nails using the LA Colors.  I used pink - orange - yellow and then green -blue - purple.

To make the animal pattern I used Konad Special Black and Cheeky XL plate D to make a lizard skin.
I was so happy with how this turned out, it brought me right back to the 80s and collecting Lisa Frank items.

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!!